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65 Tips for Migrating to Visual Studio .NET

By Andrew Brust
  1. Close the Dynamic Help window unless you're actively using it. Keeping it open all the time forces it to frequently load topics and can slow down Visual Studio .NET significantly.
  2. Need an easy way to build a SQLDataAdapter object against a table at design time, without even having to use a Wizard? Just drag and drop a table from the Server Explorer window onto your Windows Form or Web Form and Visual Studio .NET will automatically create a SQLDataAdapter object against the table, and will build the necessary Select, Update, Delete and Insert commands as well. As a bonus, if you didn't already have a SQLConnection object pointing to the database containing the table, Visual Studio .NET will create that for you as well.
  3. Want to create a strongly typed DataSet without having to do a lot of work at design time? You can! Just create a DataSet in code, and export its schema to an XSD file using the DataSet's WriteXMLSchema method (which accepts a file name as a parameter). After doing this, you can add the file to your project, open it in the XML Schema Designer by double-clicking on it in the Solution Explorer window, then Choose Schema/Generate Dataset from Visual Studio .NET's menu to create a strongly typed DataSet based on it.
by Avonelle Lovhaug
  1. With ASP.NET (just as with ASP), it is easy to change the source code files and reload the page in a browser to test. However, some files require more effort. Remember that when changing the global.asax, you will need to recompile the project in order for changes to take effect.
  2. With Visual Interdev, FrontPage server extensions were used for integration with SourceSafe. While this is still possible, the recommended approach is to use "File Share" mode. Set up your Web applications with file share mode, then use "Add solution to source code control" to easily add the entire project to SourceSafe.

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