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ASP and ASP.Net book reviews

I would like to provide you book reviews on ASP and ASP.Net. Following are the few description of ASP.Net technologies and active server pages books.
  1. Working With Active Server Pages: This book is written by Michael Corning, Steve Elfanbaum and David Melnick. You can learn ADO database connectivity, ASP webserver controls, COM Objects and VBScripts along with ASP.Net Source code. Companian CD Contains various examples covered in this book.
  2. Real World ASP.NET Best Practices: This book is written by Farhan Muhammad. You can learn ASP.Net web developments, how to reduce ASP.Net coding, Client side JavaScript in ASP.Net webforms, .Net framework, and Syntax tidbits, etc.
  3. ASP.NET 2.0: A Developer's Notebook: This book is written by Wei-Meng Lee. You can learn ASP.Net 2.0 features, Master page and Site navigation, Web parts in ASP.Net, ASP.Net security Controls, Managing users with WAT, Creating themes, and Improving site performance, etc.
  4. Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls For .NET Framework 3.5: This book is written by dam Calderon and Joel Rumerman. You can learn various components and controls, DOM elements, Microsoft AJAX library, ASP.Net AJAX client server communication, WCF, AJAX Client side scripting and ASP.Net AJAX toolkit,etc.
  5. Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Server Control and Component Development: This book is written by Shahram Khosravi. You can learn AJAX patterns, DOM, CSS and XML with AJAX Controls, ASP.Net 2.0 Client Callback, Web Part Components, ASP.Net XML web Services, ASP.Net template Controls, and ASP.Net Server Controls, etc.
  6. Building a Web 2.0 Portal with ASP.NET 3.5: This book is written by Omar AL Zabir. You can learn AJAX concepts, Optimization and design challenges of Applications, Server Side web layers, LINQ and 2.5 Work Flow, etc.
  7. Learning ASP.NET 3.5: This book is written by Jesse Liberty, Dan Hurwitz and Brian MacDonald. You can learn ASP.Net web development, Core functionality of ASP.Net 3.5, AJAX, and WCF, etc.
  8. Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5: Step by Step: This book is written by George Shepherd. You can learn Web services with ASP.Net 3.5, Oracs, Capabilities of ASP.Net 3.5, Advance web services and tools, AJAX deployment and silver light, etc.
  9. ASP.NET 2.0 Cookbook: This book is written by Michael Kittel and Geoffrey LeBlond. You can learn ASP.Net Grid View Control and tabular control, ASP.Net data validation controls, Custom controls, ASP.Net error handling, ASP.Net performance tuning and caching, etc.
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