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Special Edition Using Microsoft® Visual Studio for Enterprise Development

This book is aimed at software developers of client/server and Internet/intranet (I-net) enabled applications who are responsible for creating and deploying applications by using the Microsoft development tool suite, and information system managers faced with planning issues. You'll learn how to design and develop applications and components by using Microsoft Visual Studio and its individual products. This book provides excellent advice for developers who must implement applications in a Microsoft BackOffice environment with Windows NT Server, Internet Information Server, SQL Server, and Microsoft Transaction Server. It also provides good advice for technical managers on how to use Microsoft products to build state-of-the-art systems that will improve their business footing and leverage their automated information systems to maximize return on investment.
With the variety of material presented in Special Edition Using Microsoft Visual Studio, coupled with its high quality of content, up-to-date material, level of detail, and easy-to-follow "how-to" format, this is the all-encompassing book you will quickly come to depend on to supply answers to your Microsoft Visual Studio questions. Although each product that makes up the Microsoft Visual Studio suite is described separately within the book, special attention is paid to integration issues and techniques. Also, portions of the book are devoted to providing background material to enhance your understanding of critical concepts, and how to be really effective with Microsoft Visual Studio in the enterprise.
This book is organized in a logical sequence, starting with a discussion of Microsoft Visual Studio basics, an overview of the product, and background material on creating database applications--a key area of concern for most developers. The chapters in Part II, "Creating Controls and Components for Reuse," focus on the important new techniques for creating component-based applications with Microsoft's object technologies such as COM and DCOM, and web-based technologies such as ActiveX and Java. Separate chapters are devoted to Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Visual J++, each an important language included in Visual Studio. Part II also includes chapters on using ActiveX components in I-net and client/server environments.
The chapters in Part III, "Developing Internet, Intranet, and Extranet Applications," are devoted entirely to the most active area of recent growth--that of applications designed to run in I-net environments. Detailed coverage is provided on both the client and server sides of these applications. This includes information on creating web browser-based applications and using Microsoft's addition to Internet Information Server known as Active Server Pages. The use of Visual InterDev, another major element of Visual Studio, is covered in detail, including the use of design-time controls. There is also coverage of Dynamic HTML, server-side scripting issues, and the techniques for integrating existing applications into an I-net infrastructure.
The chapters in Part IV, "Developing Scalable Distributed Applications," focus on the more traditional client/server development techniques, with a special emphasis on creating distributed applications by using multiple databases. Using Visual Basic with both RDO and ADO is covered. Also, two chapters are devoted exclusively to using Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) to create scalable, transaction-based applications for hard-core, line-of-business use.
The final chapters of the book, in Part V, "Team Development with Visual Studio," deal with the tools that help teams of programmers work together. These tools include Visual SourceSafe, Visual Modeler, and the Microsoft Repository. Using each tool is described, in addition to background information on the rationale for using these powerful additions to the Visual Studio suite.

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