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Teach Yourself Visual J++ in 21 Days

by Laura Lemay, David Olhasso, Charles Perkins, and Patrick Winters
This book is intended to be read and absorbed over the course of three weeks. During each week, you'll read seven chapters that present concepts related to Visual J++.
In 21 days you will learn
  1. An Introduction to Java Programming, Why you should learn Java, Touring Microsoft Developer Studio for Visual J++
  2. Introducing Visual J++ , Installing Visual J++, Getting Started with Microsoft Visual J++
  3. Object-Oriented Programming and Java, Classes and objects, Inheritance, Packages and interfaces
  4. Java Basics, Java statements and expressions, Variables and data types, Expressions and operators
  5. Working with Objects, Creating instances of classes (Objects), Calling methods in objects
  6. Arrays, Conditionals, and Loops, Block statements,Conditional tests, Loops
  7. Creating Classes and Applications in Java, Declaring and using instance variables, Defining and using methods, Creating Java applications
  8. More About Methods, Overloading methods, Creating constructor methods, Overriding methods
  9. Java Applet Basics, Differences between Java applets and applications, Getting started with applets, Including an applet on a Web page
  10. Graphics, Fonts, and Color, Using Java graphics primitives,Creating and using fonts, Color in Java
  11. Simple Animation and Threads, How a Visual J++ animation works, Threads, Reducing animation flicker
  12. Creating an Interface using Visual J++, AWT overview, Creating a simple dialog resource, Nesting panels and components
  13. More on Graphical Front Ends using Visual J++., Creating windows, menus, and dialog boxes, Handling window, mouse, and keyboard events
  14. Compiler Errors and Debugging, Dealing with compiler errors, Dealing with runtime errors
  15. COM, ActiveX, and JDBC, How Visual J++ works with COM and other ActiveX objects, Using Visual J++ to access databases using DAO, RDO and JDBC
  16. Connecting Java to a Network and Other Tidbits, Creating links inside applets, Opening Web connections, Sockets
  17. Modifiers, Access Control, and Class Design, How to use a modifier, Controlling access to methods and variables, Instance variable accessor methods
  18. Packages, Interfaces, and Exception Handling, Creating your own packages, Designing and working with interfaces, Exception handlers
  19. Introduction to JavaScript, Data Types, Expressions, Statements, Functions
  20. Introduction to VBScript, Differences between VBScript and Visual Basic, Statements, Procedures
  21. Integrating Applets and ActiveX Controls with Scripting, Integrating a Java applet to HTML, Controlling a Java applet with VBScript and JavaScript, Integrating ActiveX controls into HTML

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