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Database Developer's Guide with Visual C++ 4, Second Edition

By Roger Jennings & Peter Hipson
Who Should Read This Book?
Visual C++ developers who want to take advantage of Visual C++'s database connectivity to create high-speed, commercial-quality graphic front ends for a variety of desktop and client-server database applications.
Access developers who have found that they need more control over their data display and forms than is afforded by the different versions of Access. Visual C++ database applications also consume far fewer Windows resources than equivalent Access applications.
Visual Basic developers who want to take advantage of Visual C++'s automated access to the Windows APIs, gain function callback capability, and manipulate pointers.
Developers of xBase and Paradox applications who need to create industrial-strength, 32-bit database front ends running under Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.5x.
Users and developers of proprietary GUI front-end development systems who are tired of paying substantial per-seat licensing fees for each client workstation attached to the server.

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