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By Petroutsos, Schongar, et al.
This book is about a scripting language called VBScript. VBScript is used to control content and objects in HTML pages designed for the World Wide Web and corporate intranets. VBScript is not about creating applications; it's about creating active HTML. If your pages look and work like applications, that's fine. The most important thing that you're doing when you're using VBScript in your Web pages is bringing the pages to life. Dead, static pages on the Web are about as exciting as slides on television. In the future, pages will be designed on the fly, tailored to the profile of the individual user.
VBScript is a member of Microsoft's Visual Basic family of development products. Other members include Visual Basic (Professional and Standard Editions) and Visual Basic for Applications, which is the scripting language for Microsoft Excel. VBScript is a scripting language for HTML pages on the World Wide Web and corporate intranets.

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