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Teach Yourself ActiveX in 21 Days

By Sanders Kaufman, Jeff Perkins and Dina Fleet
Week One At A Glance
During Week 1, you will gain the fundamentals of scripting in relation to the Internet. By the end of the first week, you will be ready to start writing your own ActiveX scripts.
Programming for the Internet
Day 1 introduces you to programming for the Internet. In this chapter, you will learn to recognize the basic features of a hypertext document, as well as how to receive background information about ActiveX and Internet programming.
HTML & Scripting
Day 2 illustrates basic Web-page construction. You are introduced to the format of an HTML page and the specific tags that make each page work. When you are familiar with the basic form of an HTML page, you are shown how to incorporate scripting languages into your Web page.
Document Automation with Scripting
Day 3 introduces you to the international standard for client-side scripting, and discusses how Microsoft has implemented HTML scripting into ActiveX with their JScript (based on another company's script processes) and VBScript (based on Microsoft's own Visual Basic programming language). Finally, the chapter briefly discusses some of the considerations for building your own ActiveX scripting engine. This skill, however, requires an in-depth knowledge of a programming language, such as C++, and a knowledge of OLE programming in general. You are not limited to using a script language that already exists, however; if nobody makes the one you want, make it yourself!
The Tools of the Trade
Day 4 is a hands-on tour of four tools: Internet Assistant for Microsoft Word, HoTMetaL from SoftQuad, the Internet Information Server Add-In for Microsoft Access, and the ActiveX Control Pad from Microsoft. These tools can help you cut hours from you Web-site development time.
Programming for Internet Explorer
On Day 5, you will learn the programming environment inside Microsoft's Internet Explorer. During Day 4, you will learn how the parts of Internet Explorer are structured, and how to use them with a scripting language.
Writing VBScripts
Day 6 is an introduction and a reference to VBScript. During Week 2, you will learn how VBScript functions by working your way through dozens of examples that demonstrate syntax and function. By the end of Day 6, you will know how to use VBScript inside your HTML pages.
Writing JavaScripts
Day 7 is an introduction and a reference to JavaScript. During Week 2, you will learn how JavaScript functions by working your way through dozens of examples that demonstrate syntax and function. By the end of Day 7, you will know how to use JavaScript inside your HTML pages.

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