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Special Edition Using Microsoft Visual InterDev

Since Visual InterDev is such a catch-all for so many different technologies, we've made the book a reference and guide not just for Visual InterDev but also for the many other applications and technologies you'll need to know as an InterDev developer. In creating an InterDev site, you'll touch on such varied topics as Web server administration, database design, graphics, scripting languages, and so on. Whether you've been creating Web sites for years, or you're new to the Internet altogether, this book will serve to give you a thorough understanding of Visual InterDev and its associated technologies. We've also added a focus in the book toward the database developer who is interested in moving development towards Internet standards.
The book is divided into 10 parts:
  • Part I. Getting Started
    Offers a quick-start overview of Visual InterDev and some simple tutorials.
  • Part II. Using Microsoft Visual InterDev
    Covers Visual InterDev installation, with complete coverage of its IDE.
  • Part III. Visual InterDev Content Editors
    Provides details on each of the content editors that ship with Visual InterDev.
  • Part IV. Using ActiveX Controls with Visual InterDev
    Learn how to build ActiveX controls and incorporate them into your sites.
  • Part V. Visual InterDev Administration Guide
    Explains how to set up and administer Web servers and database servers and deal with security.
  • Part VI. Web Site Scripting
    Covers client- and server-side scripting.
  • Part VII. Database Development with Visual InterDev
    Explains the basics of database programming and covers the Visual DataTools of Visual InterDev.
  • Part VIII. Optimizing Performance
    Offers chapters on optimizing the performance of scripting, Web pages, and multimedia content.
  • Part IX. Developing Successful Web Sites
    Concludes with example sites for handling database connectivity and ActiveX controls, and discussions on making your site successful.
  • Appendices
    The appendices offer useful resources for Visual InterDev developers, an Action/Problem Index, and extensive details about the contents of the CD-ROM.

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Using Visual Interdev 6 (Special Edition Using)

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