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WebSphere MQ Solutions in a Microsoft .NET Environment

The importance of the .NET platform is growing. This IBM Redbook illustrates how to integrate WebSphere MQ technology in a .NET environment, specifically with Microsoft Windows, by providing samples and guidance about how this can be achieved. It demonstrates the use of WebSphere MQ technology in a Microsoft Windows platform and proves WebSphere MQ is well integrated with the .NET environment.
This redbook demonstrates the use of WebSphere MQ in a .NET Web Service in these ways:
WebSphere MQ is used as a transport mechanism for the invocation of the Web Service by modifying the SOAP protocol wrapper to utilize WebSphere MQ rather than HTTP.
WebSphere MQ is used as a middleware product in the implementation of a Web Service. For example, the Web Service sends an MQ message as a request to another application and when this application responds, the Web Service provides a response back to the .NET Web Service client. Some sample applications in, C#, J2EE and VB.NET also demonstrate this.
Finally, a discussion about transactions is included, which highlights how WebSphere MQ participates in a transaction managed by DTC, and also how WebSphere MQ implements and uses Windows security interfaces, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is covered.

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