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An Introduction to ASP .NET using Visual Basic .NET

By Peter McMahon
This book is aimed primarily at three groups of people. First, those readers who are Visual Basic programmers and wish to learn how to develop Web applications using ASP.NET by applying what they’ve learned in Visual Basic. = Second, current ASP programmers who wish to learn how to become more productive using the completely new, yet familiar, ASP.NET programming model and the Visual Studio .NET IDE. Third, current ASP and Visual Basic programmers who wish to merge their skills to increase their productivity.
This book assumes no previous knowledge of building Web applications or even simple, static Web pages using hand-coded HTML. There is a chapter dedicated to getting Visual Basic programmers without any HTML or Web building knowledge up to speed. However, this book does assume previous experience with the Visual Basic programming language or a previous subset thereof, VBScript. Included is a section showing the differences between VBScript (and previous versions of Visual Basic) and the Visual Basic .NET language that should prevent some of the subtleties of the language from causing any problems. Knowledge of object-oriented programming is advantageous, although not essential.

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